Church Finances

Biblical Basis for Giving

The Bible emphasizes generosity extensively, with over 2,000 verses highlighting the importance of sharing our possessions. Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus used parables to demonstrate that generosity is crucial to our relationship with Him and essential for sharing the love of Christ with others. In Acts, we witness a generous community of believers uniting to meet each other's needs, support their community, and spread the Gospel.

Today, the call to be generous remains unchanged, vital for both our personal growth and our collective mission to bring the Gospel to the world and to our neighbors. While the Church has evolved in many ways over its history, the foundation of our generosity remains constant. Our financial contributions to the church are not about achieving a budget or the specific amounts we give; these biblical teachings and Jesus' words remind us that our giving reflects our relationship with Him, our commitment to His mission, and our role in spreading the hope of Christ globally.

Transparency In Our Current Financials

Our ministry and fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. We were blessed and grateful to have exceeded our 2023/24 General Fund giving budget of $3,016,000 by $13,523 for a total of $3,029,523. Thank you to all who gave in 2023/24 and especially in the final weeks of May/June! We are so thankful to our gracious God for His faithful provision through the generous giving of the people of Fellowship Dallas in 2023/24!

We look forward to continuing to grow ever more Generous on Purpose--giving cheerfully of our time, talents, and treasures--in the new fiscal year! The Elder Board has approved a General Fund giving budget of $3,050,000 for the 2024/25 fiscal year. Here are the latest results as of July 15, 2024:

Budgeted To Date              $108,929
Received To Date              $  45,535
Needed To Be Current       $  63,394  

We are finalizing our 2023/24 results and will share details of those below in the near future, including how expenses were distributed across different areas of ministry and operations as well as our giving and attendance for the year. We will also be sharing details of our 2024/25 budget that was just approved. We look forward to continuing to grow ever more Generous on Purpose--giving cheerfully of our time, talents, and treasures--in the new ministry year!

Taking Your Next Step in Generosity

1. Pray & Ask Questions – Any act of generosity should begin with prayer. God knows that our relationships with finances are complex, and He is always ready to show us more about himself and how He provides through our journey in this area of discipleship. Our elders, staff leadership, and Generosity Ministry Leadership Team members are happy to answer any questions you may have.

2. Give Cheerfully – Every gift has an impact. There are several ways you can give at Fellowship. Online by clicking on the button below. By mailing your check to the church. By using the offering boxes at the front desk or in the back of the worship center. If you are interested in making a non-cash donation such as stocks, etc. please reach out to

Maybe you’re not able to give financially at this time. Generosity isn’t just about our finances, it’s also about sharing our gifts. Pray about an area you might be called to serve. You can also reach out to and we would be happy to learn more about your interest in serving and connect you with an open opportunity.

3. Consider Setting Up Recurring Giving – Stepping into a regular rhythm of giving is easy. You can choose your desired frequency and make changes to your recurring gift at any time.

4. Share Your Story of Generosity – How have you seen God at work in your journey of generosity? Have you been on the receiving end of someone else’s generosity? Share your story by emailing


If you have any questions about our church’s finances or the ways that your giving is making an impact, please reach out to If you have questions about setting up a recurring gift, managing your online giving, or setting up a legacy gift, please email