Plan Your Visit

First time to Fellowship? 

Here are some frequently asked questions

What do I wear?

Fellowship is a casual environment. We welcome you to wear what feels comfortable!

How long are the services?

Our services last approximately an hour every Sunday. We start with a time of live worship music, then go into an engaging message from a teaching team member.

Where do I park?

For first-time visitors, we offer guest parking located on the north side of the building. In case of inclement weather, we also have a covered parking garage on the east side of the building.

What is the music like?

The worship music at Fellowship is led by a full, live band. While you might hear a range of musical styles on a Sunday, most of the songs are contemporary.

During the worship, we warmly invite you to participate in a way that feels most comfortable to you. Whether you choose to stand and sing, or sit quietly in reflection, the choice is yours.

What denomination is Fellowship?

We are a non-denominational church that emphasizes the importance of using the Bible as our foundation and guide for our faith.

Can I attend if I'm ________?

Yes. Fill in the blank with whatever you’re worried about. We’ll welcome you at Fellowship as you are, so come visit us this Sunday!


Our Building Was
A Movie Theater

The Fellowship Dallas facility has a unique and vibrant history


United Artists Theater constructed

Known as the United Artists Theatre or UA Plaza, it opened its doors in 1988 and quickly became a popular entertainment hub with 8 screens, a game room, several restaurants, and more!


Purchased by Fellowship Dallas

In 2004, Fellowship Dallas purchased the property, marking the beginning of a new chapter for this iconic location. The decision to repurpose the theater aligned with our vision of creating a space that would continue to serve the community in a meaningful way.


Fellowship Dallas opened in its current location

By 2006, the transformation was complete, and Fellowship Dallas moved into the renovated space. We cherish the fact that our facility is not only a place of worship but also a site filled with rich memories and stories for many in Dallas. This unique history enhances our connection to the community and enriches the experiences of all who visit.